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Who we are

Chrestos is a fellowship of Christians of diverse denominations, cultures, ages and skills.  We proclaim Christ and share his kindness to those who are in need.


Chrestos Mission is a charitable Christian foundation.  We work on the outskirts of Mae Sariang in the Mae Hong Son province of north-western Thailand.

Chrestos, from the Greek χρηστότης, means “kindness”.  It is the founding principle and the passion of Chrestos Mission as we serve the Karen people of Thailand.

Wittaya and Bu Ka at a staff

Ajan (Teacher) Wittaya  - Director of  Chrestos Mission 


"When I retired, I wanted to serve with Chrestos Mission because the love of Christ for my people, the Karen, is strongly expressed through the Bible School and the Home of Peace and Joy."

Although Ajan Wittaya grew up the mountains, he attended school whilst living in a Christian hostel, it was here that he first heard the gospel and was later converted through the witness of an elder back home.  After school, he enjoyed a 36 year career in agriculture and animal husbandry.  Eventually he became the senior government official in the department for the province of Mae Hong Son.  Following his retirement in 2018, Ajan Wittaya was appointed Director of Chrestos in Mae Sariang, bringing his government connections to the service of the Mission.

Thra Davi Poe, Naw Th'Nay Paw and Saw Khu Moo_edited.jpg

Introducing the new Deputy Director of Chrestos Mission, Thra Davi Poe 


Davi Poe is 42. He graduated from Bible College 16 years ago. For four years he took key responsibilities in Mae Sariang District for Youth Work. For seven further years he held more senior posts with the TKBC (Thai Karen Baptist Convention - alongside which Chrestos Mission works). His passion is to see God’s word living within every student as they train in key church-building roles.


His wife, Naw Th’ Nay Paw also has a heart for youth ministry. She manages hostels for “Compassion”. These hostels are the “second home” for Karen boys and girls attending state school far away from their villages during term time. 

Ajan Bu Ka  - Head of the Bible School 

Ajan Bu Ka's family heard the gospel through his brother-in-law.  Two years later, after working on the family farm he began his ministry journey.  He attended The Siloam Bible Institute, and later sat on the Board of the Thai Karen Baptist Convention for Mae Sariang.  He served for five years as an evangelist to the mountain villages.


Having devoted his life to mission Ajan Bu Ka's role at Chrestos is a natural continuation of this.

Ba Ka smiling.jpg

Rev Sunny Danpongpee - Chairman of the Chrestos Board in Thailand 

For many years Sunny was the General Secretary of the Thailand Karen Baptist Convention (TKBC), the largest Christian denomination in Thailand. 


He is now serving as Pastor of a small branch church, Teemaekerla, in Chiang Mai.


Saw Prateep (Timu) Dee -

Chrestos Board in Thailand 


Saw Prateep (Timu) Dee was brought up with the strong example of his loving, gifted and educated parents, Saw Wright and Naw Evelyn Dee.  From them he understood and believed the Gospel at a young age. His father, Saw Wright Dee, was an evangelist. 


Saw Timu graduated in 1996 with a bachelor degree in German Literature and then worked for Thai International Airways from 1997-2010. Saw Timu continued his further education while working with Thai Airways and received his Master’s degree in Teaching English as a second Language (M.Ed.) in 2002. 


In 2010 he took the big decision to resign from Thai Airways and instead to serve Jesus Christ by assisting his father, Wright Dee in evangelistic ministry.  


Saw Timu continued his Theological education at Karen Baptist Theological Seminary in Insein, Myanmar, and gained his Master of Arts in Christian Ministry in 2015. In 2015, after four years working in executive positions at the Thailand Karen Baptist Convention (TKBC), he became its General Secretary.  He is vice chairman of the Chrestos Thai Board. 

Saw Timu married Elizabeth, a devoted Christian lady. They have three sons, Agape, Phileo and Storge, named after three New Testament Greek words for ‘love’.  Their family motto is from Joshua 24.15: As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.  


Anthony and Sue3.jpg

Anthony (and Sue) Harrop -

Chairman of UK Board of Trustees


Anthony served for four decades as a publishing consultant in Asia and Africa with the United Bible Societies.  He holds degrees from Oxford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  Anthony was a friend and fellow church member of Chrestos founders’ Geoff and Pat Atkinson during their time together in Hong Kong in the early 1990s.  He visits Thailand regularly, and meets with our Chrestos partner church in Hong Kong.


John (and Hazel) Silverstone  -

UK Board of Trustees, Treasurer

John and Hazel Silverstone are members of Oakhall Church, Caterham, a supporting church of Chrestos Mission.  They met during Osteopathic training and have five adult children.  In 2008, their eldest son, Edward, spent three months at Mae Sariang, teaching English in the local Thai secondary school and assisting on Chrestos campus.


John joined the Trustees as Treasurer in 2017.  Since then, he and Hazel have visited Mae Sariang on four occasions at their own expense.  These visits to the Chrestos campus have significantly improved understanding and working relationships, and have enabled them to observe staff and students flourish under the current Director and the Bible School Manager.  


They report: “We are impressed by the love for God amongst our Karen brothers and sisters.  Karen Churches testify to the quality of Chrestos graduates in their roles as Pastors and Evangelists, teachers and hostel staff.  We count it a privilege to have part in this corner of the Kingdom of God.”


Peter Maycock - UK Board of Trustees


Peter served in Thailand with BMS World Mission from 2004-2014, working alongside the Thailand Karen Baptist Convention. During this time, he visited Chrestos and became friends with Chrestos founders Geoffrey and Pat Atkinson, enjoying their warm hospitality with his young family. Peter returned to the UK from Thailand in 2014 to study theology at the University of Oxford. He was ordained in 2017, and currently pastors Harborne Baptist Church in Birmingham. 

Jacqui Wells - UK Board of Trustees


Jacqui served in Thailand with BMS World Mission from 1988 - 2009. 

"My real JOY was that I was able to work among the Karen in NW Thailand for 21 years!"

UK Board of Trustees - other members:

Neil Hardy

Ally Fitter

Rosslyn Hill


Jacqui Praying for the sick.jpg
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