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Home of Peace and Joy

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Chrestos Mission gives a safe and loving home to orphan boys.  This Orphanage, which opened in 2008 and is registered with the Thai Government, receives boys of school age who have no parents or whose home circumstances mean that it is not possible for them to remain there. 


The “Home of Peace and Joy” provides a home for up to 34 boys, supports their education at two local Thai Government Schools and through vocational training in wage-earning trades.  A mark of the quality of support these boys receive is their excellent academic achievement and behaviour in school.  At the age of 15, the boys can opt for further education, either technical or at university depending on grades and ambitions.  The Home of Peace and Joy has its own dedicated staff.  It operates under Thai safeguarding policy and is subject to inspection.  At a recent inspection, Chrestos staff were thanked for the good service provided to these boys.

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The boys have access to the football pitch, learn practical skills in agriculture and animal husbandry and so contribute to in-house food production for the campus.  The orphan boys also learn the Christian message in word and through the example of those supervising and caring for them.  They also enjoy learning musical instruments, leading worship and sharing their faith in Christ.  Most have asked for and been baptised.

Five boys have now gone to university.  One of these is a qualified lawyer representing illiterate Karen farmers in land registration disputes.

  Ah Gyi and his wife Naw Akino have taken over the responsibility of overseeing the Home of Peace and Joy.  Here is a video outlining the daily routine and activities of the boys.

Five boys from HOPAJ graduating vocational training Feb 2022_edited.jpg

Five young men from the Home of Peace and Joy

graduating from vocational training

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Home of Peace and Joy  

The boys' home occupies the lower floor;

the upper floor is an auditorium that can hold 350-400 people. 

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