News and Prayer

October 2021


Following our conversation last week with staff at Mae Sariang, Moo Gay Khu has sent news of some of the interns. I trust this will encourage your prayers for this work, which Pat Atkinson reminded us, began in the heart of God and in His grace He made known to his servants. 

As we collectively follow Geoffrey and Pat’s example of faith, may God reveal His ways to our hearts as well as to staff and students engaged in this work that has come from the heart of God. Was Peh Hta village is about 2 ½ hours drive south of Mae Sariang. 

Please pray God will anoint Naw Lah Say Wah and Saw Sriwichai with love and understanding as they prepare and teach village children. 

Praise God for His going before appointing a strong pastor in the village and for his son, Saw Day Yay, who graduated from Chrestos in 2011, and now heads up evangelism in the Mae Sariang district. Ten years on it is good to hear of his faithful service to the heart of Christ.


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Naw Yoe Paw, cook

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