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Current prayer needs   July 2021

We praise God that teaching is going well.

 The library project is starting in earnest, with the construction of a small building near to the main auditorium and staff quarters

Covid: This is affecting neighbouring Tak Province, restricting movement off campus.  Students are not permitted to leave the campus on their own.  Increased sporting events are arranged  to compensate and at least one table tennis table installed!

Thank you for your prayers for the cook, Yoe Paw.  Her skin rash and irritation is improving.   Her husband is a great support to her in all aspects of supplying catering needs.  The health of their one year old son, Saw Pok Pong is also improving.

Fourth year students March 2021

Graduation took place on Sunday, 21 March.  Two members of the Thai board travelled from Chiang Mai, Saw Timu Dee and Rev Sunny Danpongpee. 

Many pastors have asked for graduates of Chrestos to be assigned to their church.  It has been arranged for third year students to spend some time in village churches during the summer to teach worship and singing, Karen language and the Bible.

Please pray for Ah Gyi and Naw Akino who were married in February.  Naw Akino's village is also the village of Naw Paw Yoe, the fourth year student on internship whose father disappeared from beside the Salween River early last autumn.  Ajan Wittaya was recently able to give a love gift to the family.

Ah Gyi and Naw Akino wedding Feb

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Naw Yoe Paw, cook

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