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Bible School Students

Naw Chu Paw, Naw Paw Paw, Naw Su Pa, Naw

Naw Chu Paw, Naw Paw Paw, Naw Su Pa, Naw Dah Eh

Saw Ephesus, Saw Joshua,Saw K' Mler,Saw

Saw Ephesus, Saw Joshua, Saw K' Mler, Saw Ko Wi

Khu Yu.jpg
Saw Char Law La.jpg
Saw Yo Shu Wah.jpg

Approximately £1,000 per year is needed to financially support a student, orphan or staff member.  Approximately 10% of this is raised by their own families.


Could you or a group from your fellowship meet together to pray specifically for a particular person and help meet this need? 


       A group of three people giving £1 per day would raise £1,000

      Alternatively, a group of six people could give 50p a day to realize £1000 in a year.

Please go to our Contact page if you are interested.

Boys from the Home of Peace and Joy

Orphan 1.jpg
Orphan 3.jpg
Orphan 2.jpg
Orphan 13.jpg
Orphan 4.jpg
Orphan 6.jpg
Orphan 9.jpg
Orphan 8.jpg
Orphan 7.jpg
Orphan 5.jpg
Orphan 10.jpg
Orphan 12.jpg
Orphan 11.jpg

Mission Staff

Naw Nay Mu K’Por Shee with Moo Gay Khu.j
Kri Too leads prayer.jpg
Naw Tha and children plus Ajan Wittaya.j
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