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Bible School

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The Karen church continues to grow rapidly in Thailand.  This has led to the establishment of many village churches without trained pastors.  There is a great need for equipping those called to the Lord's service.  ​The residential Bible School trains young Karen men and women for Christian ministry. 

The Bible School offers a 4-year course concentrating primarily on Bible content. Students are trained in understanding and obeying the word of God.  They also learn how to present Bible teaching and the gospel. This includes learning how to employ music, worship, singing, drama and media to enhance communication of the message of the Bible. 


The Bible School has use of the campus Media Centre and other facilities, enabling the  teaching of English,Thai and Karen language, music theory, musical instruments, choir, basic IT, health and hygiene, child care, sewing handicrafts and agriculture and animal husbandry so contributing to in-house food production for the campus.


​Throughout the month of December the Karen celebrate the coming of Christ.  The students take this opportunity to spend several weeks on outreach in small groups, evangelising and encouraging Karen Christians in remote areas.  The students preach and perform drama with musical and comedy presentations.  The fourth year students go on internship for six months as they prepare for graduation.

​Chrestos Mission has formed strong links with the Thai Karen Baptist Convention.  It is envisaged that many graduates will serve in Thai Karen Baptist Convention churches, whilst we see other former students becoming evangelists, working in local hostels, engaging in further study and some have joined the staff team at Chrestos.

Student studying.jpg
Student studying 2.jpg
First year 2023.jpg

First year students

Second year 2023.jpg

Second year students

Third year 2023.jpg

Third year students

Fourth year 2023.jpg

Fourth year students

Naw Supa, Naw Jiraporn, Naw Dah Eh Paw.j
Naw Kwanporn, Naw Dah Thu, Naw Rosebell,
Naw Lah Say Wah and Thra Yo Say ( Joseph
Naw Chu Paw, Saw Khu Yu or ( Koe Koe), S

A typical day at Chrestos Bible School

A typical week of an intern

Church about to be formally opened.jpg

Opening of a new church just outside Mae La Noi. 

Pastor Ajan Moo K’Por Lo was a former student of Chrestos.

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