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Chrestos Mission Foundation is a non-profit organisation, and is a fellowship of Christians of diverse denominations, nationalities, ages and skills, seeking to proclaim Christ, and to show His kindness to those in need amongst the Karen and Khmu people.

We are currently running an education centre called Chrestos Christian Education Centre and an orphanage called Home of Peace and Joy, but designated a children's hostel for government purposes. Our main office in Thailand is in Mae Sariang where our education centre and hostel are located.

Our education centre primarily teaches the Bible and related subjects, but also teaches life skills, such as Thai and English languages, choir and music, health and agriculture. The orphans attend a local Thai Government school. We currently have over75 Bible students and over 32 orphans.

We are also running a Chrestos Studio creating audio and video CDs and DVDs. The studio has produced sermons in Karen language, dramas, Praise and worship songs in Karen, Sunday School lessons and music DVDs which are available for sale. Our studio also just finished dubbing the Gospel of Matthew and Acts in Sgaw Karen.

"Never a Dull Moment" book about Chrestos Mission by Pat Atkinson
Chrestos Video: "The Good Shepherd Church visits Chrestos Mission"

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