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Chrestos Mission Board (UK)
ChairmanAnthony Harrop
Acting TreasurerAndrew Geary
MembersNeil Hardy
Frank Goveia
Pam Shepherd
Ian Mayo
Roger Thackeray
John Silverstone
Peter Maycock
  For General Information:
Pam Shepherd, Board Member
8, Deer Rock Hill
Berks, RG12 7PU

Phone: +44(0) 1344 454 632
E-mail: shepherdpam@btinternet.com

To Give Financial Assistance:
Andrew Geary, Acting Treasurer
159a Chase Side
2nd Floor, Enfield
Middlesex EN2 0PW
  Thailand Office
Geoffrey Atkinson, Director
P. O. Box 48
Mae Sariang
Mae Hongson

Phone: +66(0) 53 683 176
E-mail: chrestos@gearypartnership.co.uk

Social Media
Karen Konnection This website provides information that is helpful to Karen refugees brought to America by the U.S. government, including an interactive map of the U.S. that refugees can use to search for an American Baptist church where they worship and bring their children to Sunday School. Also, included on this website are the following topics:
  • Karen leaders' newsletters (in English and Karen)
  • Bible study and literacy, hymns, pastor guides, and Sunday School materials in Karen
  • Karen help resources to get assistance from the U.S. government< American Baptist Churches, and local agencies
  • On-line recordings of classes to teach how to speak Karen
  • Cultural information about the Karen, including links to Karen websites, Karen news and views, and about American Baptists
  • Photos of Karen in the U.S. worshipping in American Baptist churches


(Last updated 9 March 2014)